Tuesday, March 3, 2015


A couple years ago I was approached by a friend of a friend to do some animation for the pitch of a show.  The idea was for comedian and actor David Koechner
 (who also did the voice of Mac Antfee on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja) to interview funny celebrities and cut away to doodle type animation that depicted the funny things they were saying.  

It was a fun project and it was great to bring something to actual completion with my own hand. Creatively it was interesting because I found a style by accident that I really liked.  
Time constraints prevented me from doing fleshed out inbetweens, but I didn't want a popping staccato look that lesser finessed animation usually has.  So I chose my moments wisely.  I popped quick poses and compensated by fleshing out the follow through and overlapping animation as well as some "cushion drawings."  There are some poses here and there that are on more than 2's. 

I just felt it out to see what seemed right. The vibe was supposed to be doodles on a place-mat that come to life.  The process created a real kinetic energy that I got a big kick out of.  I made a point to fully inbetween a scene but it was so smooth it didn't feel right.  It lacked the quirkyness that the style had created, so I just stuck to it

I've waited a while to put this up because they were still pitching it around town.  But recently I found out that was't in the works anymore so here it is.

KADOODLING from Joshua Taback on Vimeo.

The animation was done TRADITIONALLY HAND DRAWN in ToonBoom Harmony. With the aid of some digital tricks such as copying and pasting pieces of drawings that didn't have to change.

The live action clips were taken from already produced shorts from Dumbdumb Films.  You can see the whole interviews in their original form here: http://dumbdumb.com/videos/ Just scroll down to where it says DENNY'S.

If you're not familiar with some of the animation terms above feel free to leave a comment asking about them or watch this video: https://vimeo.com/93206523

To further honor Hand Drawn Animation, here's a tidbit about The making of Snow White http://youtu.be/M2ORkIrHUbg


  1. Dang! That is so much fun! Wish it would have gone further, but hey, even this much is hilarious and great to watch. Glad you shared it! The timing is really terrific too, going back and forth between the live action and animation. Really, really cool.

  2. Fun stuff! great animation and they had some great guests to bad it didn't go any further!