Friday, February 24, 2012

Moon Landing Comic Strip

     A number of months ago a high school friend emailed me, through facebook I think it was.  He said some colleagues of his were putting together a proposal and wanted to have some comic strips in it.  He thought of me and introduced us.  Thanks Shawn.  We hadn't spoken in years, but a few comments here and there on Facebook and we kinda know what each other is up to.  Facebook, Blogger, Linkedin, Tumblr, Twitter, etc: they're all great ways to keep yourself active and out there. 

     A while back I was working on some projects and was talking to my Mom about them.  She asked how I would get people to know about them, or know about me if I wanted to freelance.  Back then I had a few ideas, the internet was around but not like it is today... but today, you could spend a week finding the various ways to "get out there" "get connected" "get your finger on the pulse" "etc."  It can actually be overwhelming. Not all ways are good for everyone, find what you like and what works for you.  My Mom had a valid question, it was more valid question than when I moved out to Los Angeles and my worried Grandmother asked my Mom "Where does he get his food?"  That'll go in another comic strip.

Here's the first of the 3 comic strips I did for APTIMA
“We worked with Josh to produce these strips for a proposal about storytelling and the power of narratives to resolve conflicts. Despite tight deadlines, the process and the end product were great.” 

- Kevin Sullivan, Senior Director of Software Engineering, Aptima, Inc.