Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Friend Hurley

Hey folks. Sorry there have been no posts in a long time. I have been busy finding my legs over on Family Guy as a storyboard revisionist. It's been about a month or so now. Everybody is great there and I'm having a good time. The commute leaves something to be desired, an extra 30 min each way. I'm starting to get some extra energy back to work on more personal things. I did a couple cards for people, I'll post them soon, and I've been working on a 5 page comic book. I'll post some of that soon too when I think it's presentable enough. Anyhow I drew this picture of Jorge Garcia who plays the role of Hurley on LOST on a doodle break the other day. I have been rewatching season 5 on DVD while I work. You get a whole different perspective knowing what we know now. I'd like to do more LOST drawings, but the clock and calendar don't seem to provide me the ability, at least for now. This drawing was done in Storyboard Pro. I'm not a huge fan of this program to draw in, but for storyboarding it's great.

Thanks for checking in and I'll do my best to make a point to keep up the posts. Also, find me on facebook at I plan on updating that page as well, like the blog, when I create a time machine of course.