Monday, December 15, 2014

Never Not Funny Fan Art

Hey Everyone.  Happy Holidays! My favorite Podcast for years has been Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo. His good friend Matt Belknap is his co-host and another long time friend of his, Pat Francis, is a guest/co-host several times a season.  Every year on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) they have a 12 hour marathon podcast called the PARDCAST-A-THON for the charity Smile Train.  I was able to get tickets this year. The Never Not Funny Pardcast-a-thon has raised more than $500,000 to help more than 2,000 children around the world.

I was super excited to go and thought to do a drawing of an incident that happened on the podcast a few years back. Jimmy was trying to get some thoughts across and Matt and Pat were talking over him. We've all had that time our best friend wouldn't shut up and we wanted to throw something at them, well Jimmy had a mic in his hand to do just that. Pat and Matt didn't know what happened and Jimmy stormed out.  After a short break Jimmy was back in the room and they were all laughing at what happened. I had this image in my head for quite a while so I scrambled to get it done by the Pardcast-a-thon hoping to get it to them somehow.  Luckily I was able to approach them afterward and I thanked Jimmy and gave them the framed drawing.  They seemed to like it, I'm hoping that's the case.  It's the least I could do for all the laughs I've gotten from them.

I highly suggest you check out the podcast.  Here's a link to Never Not Notes which has a recap on that particular episode: Never Not Funny Episode 523. Scroll down to 40:00 to read about the mic throw.  Never Not Notes has almost all the episodes logged there. You could also find a link there to get that individual episode. Lucky for me the website author Darryl Asher posted enough pictures on the webpage for me to see what they were wearing and haircuts and such.

The text and banner were done by Eric Firth. I wanted to use a Logo that had already been done for the show and I thought his was the best for the picture.  Of course the characters were done by me.


This was just posted the other day on Never Not Funny's Vine account.  Click in the lower right for sound.

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  1. Nice to see an update to the blog! I check back all the time to see if there's anything new. :)

    I haven't heard of that particular podcast, I'll have to check it out. Really dig the image you did for it, they should use it as their promo image, ha ha. Happy Holidays!