Monday, May 14, 2012

Sterilized - Aptima Comic Strip

Here's the second of the 3 comic strips I did for APTIMA
Click here to see the first one. Or click the Aptima tag at the bottom of the post
“We worked with Josh to produce these strips for a proposal about storytelling and the power of narratives to resolve conflicts. Despite tight deadlines, the process and the end product were great.” 
- Kevin Sullivan, Senior Director of Software Engineering, Aptima, Inc.

4 U techies:  I did this in Storyboard Pro.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey guys - (or should guys be capitalized?)

Hey Guys!  I've been way busy so I haven't been able to post a more involved post lately, so I thought I'd quickly post about something recently posted on Timouse's Blog that I was slightly involved in.  Also, I will use the word "post" a lot in this post.

The Project is called MEGABOLT In short:

“Founded in 2009, Megabolt is an independent organization that specializes in art projects and workshops for kids. We create one of a kind projects that are designed to let kids be kids and enjoy their lives through art.

I think what happens is, or what happened with Titmouse is: Someone buys a bunch of these little sketchbooks.  Then each sketchbook was handed to an artist here who did a drawing on the 1st page of the book to inspire a youngin' (or "youngling" for you prequel-ites) to fill the sketchbook with their own drawings.  "Very cool" I thought.  Then I thought "Agh, I gotta get this drawing done, they're collecting the books today." You can see a bunch of the drawings Titmousers did at