Thursday, April 12, 2012

Never Tell Me The Odds

My buddy Shaun Cashman came across this drawing I did ages ago when I was his Assistant Director on The Simpsons episode "A Tale of Two Springfields." (click here for the episode).  Many things plagued that show, so much so that the episode itself was put on hold and wasn't finished until about a year after the day it started.  

We listened to Who music (when we weren't listening to calming classical) We studied Who footage and I made all this photo reference from DVD, printing out stills and put them in binders.  This was before Google and I don't think the internet was much of anything yet.  Production "issues," the infamous Simpsons crowd scenes, a herd of badgers and rock and roll performances all took it's toll.  The drawing above was hung on our door for quite a while.  

Oh yeah, funnily enough, just a year later the particular office Shaun and I shared was closed up due to toxic mold.  But that was only a couple weeks before a background artist got up from her desk to get a soda and a pipe burst above her desk, raining water down from the drop ceiling above.  Luckily the 20 year old drop ceiling blocked the burst and water only poured into her seat and on her belongings, but not her work! - whew - Too bad she wasn't still sitting there, she could have blocked it with her body.

I have a ton of drawings from this episode in storage, as soon as I can, I'll post stuff from it.  I did scan a bunch of Simpsons stuff a couple weeks ago.  It's hard to find the time to organize it, but as I do I'll be posting it. How much do I have?  Well, getting the ALL of it on this blog will probably be a hobby in my retirement.  Keep checking back if you're interested.

Oh yeah, and April fools - even though I missed it.

I wanted to tell you guys more, but in lieu of flammable structures usually found above water, here is what is suited for the WORLD WIDE web.