Saturday, July 9, 2011

Marge's Pee Walk, Monday Morning Directors & The Kinder Fun Show

Going through my Simpson folders this was the next one to come along that seemed post worthy.  Marge looking for a bathroom.  I think it's from episode 19 of season 20 "Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh."  I'll post the individual drawings soon.
And here's a couple of plugs:
Monday Morning Directors
My friend Matthew & I started a movie review blog called Monday Morning Directors.  And this is how it started:
josh: we should save IMs like this and make a movie review blog out of them called Monday Morning Directors
matt: That's a great idea! How do we do dat?
josh: we copy and paste it into a blog and done, so simple
matt: okay then...
josh: Monday Morning Directors url looks good
matt: Claim it! Claim it now!
We do our best to get one out every week - on Monday.  This week with Comic-con and being swamped at my new job - oh yeah, I got a new job, more on that later - we weren't able to do a posting, so I thought it'd be a good day to finally get the word out officially.  We aren't limiting ourselves to just movies, but that's the majority of what we'll probably do.  S0 far we've reviewed CarsFalling SkiesKung Fu Panda 2SherlockSuper 8The Walking DeadX-Men First ClassSo visit for some geeked out opinions.
The Kinder Fun Show
And for those of you with kids, I'd also like to plug my friend Giselle G. Spriewald's new website for kids The Kinder Fun Show.  

The Kinder Fun Show was created and developed by Giselle G. Spriewald, a Kindergarten
teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District in California. The whole idea began as a skills book to help her English language learners to acquire basic and fundamental skills. Then the book followed a natural progression into the development of a half hour show for television. Finally it was transformed into an interactive learning website for children.

At the Kinder Fun Show, kids can learn basic skills through videos, songs, and short lessons. They can listen to stories and play games. Parents can check out the Pinkley News for tips on reading and strategies for learning. There will also be free lessons for teachers in the near future.

Check out the website for new lessons, stories, games and news on a weekly basis. Also make sure to browse through the Fun Shop for books, T-Shirts, and other Pinkley items. The Kinder Fun Show will be updated on a regular basis, so make sure to come back often and tell your friends about it too!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That's all for now.  I'll do my best to get some more postings out soon and more regularly. The new gig - RANDY CUNNINGHAM: 9TH GRADE NINJA! - has kind of commandeered my creativity,  but things are starting to normalize and I should get back to the personal work soon.  Thanks for checking in!!