Sunday, January 31, 2016


If you're not watching Longmire on Netflix you should.  Just saying.  It's a procedural cop show set in a small Wyoming town.  It's more in the vein of Columbo, Rockford Files and Kojak than Law and Order.  As the series goes on the characters get more fleshed out and interesting and more of the plots are character driven.  Great Cast, beautiful locations and solid TV writing.  It's based on a series of books called The Walt Longmire Mysteries. The show started out on A&E for three seasons and Netflix picked it up for it's fourth.  I'm glad they did because it let the show out of the "network reigns" (pardon the pun).  Without having to have commercials it gives the show about 20 extra minutes to let the scenes breathe. 

Curious to see more about Longmire? Click here for it's IMDB webpage.

I've been wanting to start doing character line ups and I was inspired to get started while I was watching Longmire. I learned a few things about rendering and tricks in Photoshop that I'm gonna apply to my next line up.

Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire

Katee Sackoff as Vic Moretti

Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear

Bailey Chase as Branch Connally

A Martinez as Jacob Nighthorse

Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire

Zahn McClarnon as Officer Mathias

Adam Bartley as The Ferg

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reysie Duck. The Quack Awakens.

Inspired by my friend and Star Wars fan, Daisy Edwards, saying there wasn't enough Daisy Duck merchandise at Disneyland.

For those of you out of the Star Wars loop, here's the main character from the recent films.