Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Venkman Ghostbusters Collboration

Hi folks!  Long time no post I know.  The pace over at Randy Cunningham has been relentless. Not much time or energy for outside projects.  I did squeeze out some time the other day for a drawing I signed up to do.  It's for a Ghostbusters collaboration that @patrickfedo threw a call out for.  He's a big Ghostbusters nut and I couldn't pass up throwing my pencil in the ring.  I thought I might have had to pass but I had a little extra free time the other night.  I took a few screencaps on my ipad, did the initial sketch on paper, scanned it in and finished it up in Storyboard Pro.

The Summer Ghostbusters came out you couldn't go anywhere without hearing the Ghostbusters song or seeing something about the movie.  I must have played the cassette of the soundtrack hundreds of times. Watched the movie dozens of times when it came on HBO, then VHS, then DVD.  Now it's on Netflix streaming. Back then there wasn't the internet and mobile devices to barrage us with an over saturation of entertainment.  You didn't have the next best thing at your fingertips to distract you from the experience you just had. A movie stayed in the theatre for a few months if it was popular, and Ghostbusters was. Films that were big permeated society for weeks.  Only one or two big movies were out at a time.  

It definitely was something that shaped my view on entertainment and film. Saying it was a big deal to me as a kid would be an understatement.  Few things hold up from childhood and THE BOYS IN GREY more than hold up. They are timeless.

Here's the transcript of the scene from Ghostbusters:

(Carnegie Hall - Outside) 
(Dana and a male Violinist exit the Hall.) 
Dana: I don't know where they get these guest conductors. Someone should tell him that it's not going to do much good to scream at us in German. 
Violinist: Well, I don't think the man is competent to conduct a major symphony orchestra. 
(Dana looks up and spots Peter.) 
Dana: Um, could you wait here a minute? 
Violinist: Uh, sure. 
(Dana walks over to Peter.) 
Dana: Dr. Venkman, this is a surprise. 
Peter: That was a wonderful rehearsal. 
Dana: You heard that? 
Peter: Yes. You're the best one in your row. 
Dana: Oh, thank you. You're good. Most people can't hear me with the whole orchestra playing. 
Peter: Hey, I don't have to take this abuse from you. I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me. 
Dana: I know. You're a big celebrity now. Do you have some information on my case? 
Peter: (indicating the Violinist) Who's the stiff? 
Dana: The stiff happens to be one of the finest musicians in the world! Now do you have some information for me, please? 
Peter: Sure, but I'd prefer to give it to you in private. 
Dana: Why don't you tell me now? 
Peter: Well, okay. I found the name Zuul for you. (reading off a piece of paper) The name Zuul refers to a demi-god worshipped around 6000 BC by theÖwhat's that word? 
Dana: Hittites. 
Peter: Hittites, the Mesopotamians and the Sumerians. 
Dana: (reading) Zuul was the minion of Gozer. What's Gozer? 
Peter: Gozer was very big in Sumeria. Big guy. 
Dana: Well, what's he doing in my icebox? 
Peter: I'm working on that. If we could get together Thursday night, I'm thinking nine-ish, you know, we could exchange information. 
Dana: I can't see you Thursday, I'm busy! 
Peter: Miss Barrett, you seem to think there is something wrong up here in your mind that says: he enjoys taking his evenings off and spending them with his clients. No. I'm making a special exception in your case. Because... I respect you. It's corny but I respect you as artist. And as a dresser, too! This is a magnificent coordination you have going here today. 
Dana: All right. I'll see you Thursday. 
Peter: I'll bring The Roylance Guide and we'll eat and read! 
(Dana goes back over to the Violinist and they begin to walk off.) 
Violinist: So! Who the hell was that? 
Dana: Just a friend. 
Violinist: A friend? 
Dana: An old friend. 
Peter: (yelling) Right, I'll see you Thursday! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you, sir! And I'm glad you're feeling much better. You're still very pale, though! A little sun... 
Violinist: What's he do? 
Dana: Oh, he's a scientist.