Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Randy Cunningham:9th Grade Ninja - Halloween Episodes

Hey Randy Fans!  
On MONDAY OCTOBER 15 the HALLOWEEN episodes of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja air at 7pm on DISNEY XD.  There are two 11 min episodes to make one Hallow-riff-ic 1/2 hour show! (well, 22 min w/ commercials)  The first episode is DAWN OF THE DRISCOLL: (Directed by Mike Milo / Storyboarded by Scott Bern and Fred Cline) Randy accidentally brings the mad scientist back to life. The second episode NIGHT OF THE LIVING MCFIZZLES is Directed by Yours Truly (that's me) and storyboarded by Alex Almaguer and Dan O'Conner. In this episode, Randy and Howard wonder why everyone in town is turning into zombies. Hopefully these episodes will stand the test of time and be a recurring and remembered Halloween treat.  Look out Grinch! (okay, that was blasphemy)

Animatic Editor Nico Colaleo

Art Direction by Otto Tang.

Supervising Director Shaun Cashman

Written by David Shayne

Storyboard Revisions by Tom Mazzocco, Bronwen Barry & Kevin Thresher

We're all located at Titmouse Inc 

Final Animation by Boulder Media

You can also get the show on iTunes for anytime viewin'. 

Here are some of my production drawings from NIGHT OF THE LIVING MCFIZZLES

Here's a couple posters by Randy Background Designer Jack Cusumano for the episodes

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  1. Oh man now I can't wait!!! It looks so awesome!
    Thanks for all your hard work :'D