Monday, October 1, 2012


Hi everyone!  I want to let you all know about something I'm very excited about, - DRAWNIVERSITY! Personalized drawing instruction geared toward your talent and skill set.  

Send in your drawing and recieve drawn and written notes specific to that drawing and you.

  • FILMMAKERS: Want to storyboard your film, but have a hard time getting your ideas down on paper?  Drawniversity can help you get the basics without getting bogged down in specifics that can clog up your creative flow.  See how you can get the essentials of what you need to tell a story in the frame.
  • BEGINNERS: Learn the basics and grow from there.  Find out what things you are naturally good at and nurture them while broadening your knowledge.
  • ACCOMPLISHED ARTISTS: If you are an experienced artist, trouble spots can creep in and can get the best of us. Do you have a drawing you're working on that just needs some help in a few spots?


Here's an example of what you'll find here:

Artist and fellow Blogger J.K. Riki knew I was starting Drawniversity soon.  He emailed me recently:
"... I'm having a heck of a time with capturing these hands I'm trying to draw from a photo. I imagine you're as busy as always, but if you happen to have two minutes to tell me how you might approach it, I'd be really grateful. I've tried to capture them a dozen times but they just don't look right on paper for me. They keep flattening out and looking more like an alien camel than a hand. :P
Any thoughts would be appreciated! If you can't fit it into your schedule, no worries, I'll keep at it. Thanks."
Well, it took me longer than two minutes, but I wanted to put out a tutorial on hands for a while, There are a lot of great Hand How To's online that I have seen, but if you aren't familiar with drawing hands, there is a lot going on and it can get cluttered up.  This is a technique I "came across" a long time ago and it always guides me when I get a little lost or keeps me on track if I start with it from the get go.


My Friend Matt Brailey, an animatic Editor here on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, was trying to do some storyboards for a short film he is doing.  He asked if I could help him with his drawing because he has never had any sort of training.  He ended up doing a much better drawing than I anticipated.  I kept things very simple and recognized how much his brain would be able to deal with.  That is what I find is going to be special about Drawniversity.  It's not "draw like me / do what I do."  It's "Okay, where are you at, and what do you need to know and understand to put what is in your head down on paper?"

Here's a couple of samples of what I did for Matt:

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