Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ben & Milhouse

Ben Schwartz - the voice of Randy Cunnignham 9th Grade Ninja, came by the studio the other day. I asked him if he wanted a printout of one of the Randy drawings I had done.  He asked to see how drawing on the computer works. It was great to see how excited he was about all our drawing for the show. Then he began geeking out when he found out myself and Shaun Cashman used to work on the Simpsons. "Can you draw Milhouse?" he asked.  After the 16 years I had worked there, if I couldn't I'd be really embarrassed in front of myself.  I wanted to give him a drawing he could take with him so I did it on PAPER! (and a prehistoric pencil) I think Milhouse's nose might be too big a smidge, but hey it works.  So I drew Ben (as a Simpsons character) with his favorite Simpsons character.
(Yeah, yeah I know one of his arms is longer than the other.  It was a quick drawing whataya want.)

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