Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free Comic Book Day story on The Dying Breed Movie Club Meets The Movies Podcast

A few months ago my buddy Chris Mich told me a funny story about him bringing his boys to the Comic Shop for Free Comic Book Day.  I said I had to make that into a comic.  I asked him to record himself telling the story for me to have as reference.  He said he already had recorded it as part of his friend Phil's Podcast.  Phil was about to air that podcast episode, which he also puts images to.  He asked if he could use some of what I was doing.  Awesome, I thought, but he needed it ASAP.  I said - Whatever I had done by that weekend he could use.  It was pretty sparse and rough at that point, but Phil did a great job of cobbling the drawings together to make a nice little bit.

Recently, I have pretty much finished the "Character Pass" of the piece.  I made it an actual little animatic, but plan on putting it in to comic book form.  This week I'm currently trying to figure out what I want to do with the backgrounds.  I used the panel above to test things out.  I'll talk more about the project when I'm done. [All drawn in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro]

In the meantime, check out this "video assist" podcast by Philip C. Congleton ~ With a short story (about 6 minutes in) told by Chris Mich and illustrated by yours truly.

(Update: I noticed that the front counter's glass wasn't transparent in my original post, I just reposted the image above with the glass correct, so you can see the comics inside.  For you techies: What happened was, in Storyboard Pro,  I MERGED the BG layers in order to save some memory on the panel so the software would run a little smoother.  Only problem was when you merge layers in Storyboard Pro a layer that has the opacity turned down will revert back to 100% when merged.  What I did to fix it and keep it merged was create a new white swatch and lowered the alpha on it, selected the shapes of the glass and clicked the new swatch.  Work-arounds, gotta love 'em)

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  1. The new background art is wack...uh, buck....or whatever the hipsters are saying these days. In other words, tres cool!