Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tombstone Warm Ups - August 2013 update

What's this?  The first post in months?  And with an actual fresh drawing?  Yeah yeah I know.  Hey, it happens.  First I was actually doing animation for something that I can't show anyone yet, BUT I did learn how to use Toon Boom Harmony to do traditional animation.  Then/now I'm working on a new show that hasn't aired yet so I can't show anything from that. BUT I learned a good way to animate traditionally in Photoshop.  Both are great projects that I'm excited to see come to fruition.

I'm also fielding some Q & A stuff over at Animator Island.  Check out the initial post at . So when I actually have time to just Draw for Drawing's sake, I've been working on finishing up a small comic I'm doing and that's the backgrounds.  Even though I'm enjoying doing the backgrounds - I found a cool retro style that I really like - I am really jonesing DRAWING.  So last night after working on both of those, I had some time left before bedtime but I couldn't think of something so I pulled up stuff on youtube and found Tombstone.

I did a warm up drawing of the two guys shaking hands (at bottom).  Then I wanted to do a fun character face and exaggerate it.  Not really caricature, but just have fun.  So I snapped the pic of Kurt Russell and his mustache and had at it

I started with just some basics to get the cobwebs out.

Then I threw a blue sketch layer over it and did some cleaner work on it.  Again I wasn't trying to reproduce the photo, just let my eye tell my hand what's going on and to HAVE FUN.

Here's one of the backgrounds (or BGs as we call them) from the short comic I'm doing.  You can see why it' taking a while.  I HAD to set it in a comic book shop.  Those of you Burbank locals might recognize the place a little.

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