Friday, December 3, 2010

AAH! IT'S MOVING! or How To Make A GIF File

I finally made point to find out how to make a GIF file the other day.


1. Put each separate image on a separate layer
2. Open the ANIMATION window from the drop down menu
3. Have image #1 on frame #1.  Create a new frame. Turn on image #2 for frame #2 - and so on.
4. Time the frames as you like. (bottom right corner of frame box)
5. Save As for Web & Devices.
6. Set the format appropriately.
7. Enjoy.

P.S. If you want to post the GIF in your blog as I have done, you need to:
A. Find out the pixel dimensions it you want it to be displayed at.
B. Open the file in Photoshop (or a copy to be safe)
C. From the IMAGE drop down menu choose IMAGE SIZE
D. Change the pixel dimensions to what you need.
E. After uploading your GIF to your post, click the image and choose the "Original Size" option.

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