Monday, October 3, 2011

Simpsons Pencil Test of Moe from LITTLE BIG MOM

Here's a scene from the Simpsons episode Little Big Mom.  I had to register the background (or BG) a bit off kilter for this because, due to the lovely inconsistency of the xerox, it didn't work with all the drawings properly.  I had to resize it in photoshop a bit too.

This is the kind of scene I always relished.  A solid acting opportunity from a really great voice read.  We would get the sound track of the voice actors, then play it over and over, making a point to hear every nuance.  We were somewhat limited by how many poses we could put in, but it taught us to be economical with our drawings, and it also helped us to pay more attention to phrasing than every word.  I know it helped me be more direct with my animation.

Anyhow, Thanks again to Digicel Flipbook for making it a breeze to put these old scenes together.

Animation by Joshua Taback

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