Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st page done - pretty much

Hey folks.  Thanks for tuning in.  Here's the 1st page of a comic I've been working on for a while.  Some of the grey tones still need to be adjusted and there's a couple tweaks I'm sure only I see, but I'm moving on to page 2 for now and I thought I'd post this.

I'm working on this comic with my buddy Chris Mich.  Chris has also just started a blog & podcast about the coveted Star Wars.  It's a great "Geek Out" listen.  Here's a blurb about it:

Digging Star Wars” explores the films that inspired and are referenced by George Lucas in his six Star Wars movies via short podcasts (about 10 minutes per episode). Each episode is dedicated to one of the six Star Wars films and a predecessor film from a previous era. One of the goals of “Digging Star Wars” is to combat age-discrimination against films made prior to 1977-2005 (era Star Wars films were initially released). While it is no longer surprising to encounter professors, students, and industry professionals who have never seen Star Wars, it is discouraging to hear people who refuse to watch any foreign films, black-and-white films, or films made prior to their own birth. The films covered in these podcasts are considered cultural artifacts of their era and country of origin, yet share in common themes, philosophies, and symbols that are reinterpreted throughout time and, specifically, in the Star Wars film series. By unearthing these films and tying them to one of the most financially successful film series of all-time, we hope to encourage people to watch these worthwhile movies!


  1. Josh,
    Even vaguely remembering the little Art of yours I saw in high school brought a smile to me seeing this "first page".
    Without ever having been a big fan of comics I can still say that I'm hooked.
    9 boxes, 6 sub-plots and a main theme with the lead character perhaps having had a hand in a semi-apocalypse???? Count me in! But mostly, whose slender, snake-encircled, wrist pours the wine?
    I like her-

  2. Thanks for...well, everything. The page looks great, the plug for my blog/podcast is most certainly needed and appreciated, and this post put a smile on my face. Move on to Page Two!

  3. Thanks Adam!. There weren't too many Adams from high school I can think of, so I can guess which one you are. I'm flattered and stoked that you are hooked without even being a big comics buff. It definitely encourages me to keep posting.