Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey guys - (or should guys be capitalized?)

Hey Guys!  I've been way busy so I haven't been able to post a more involved post lately, so I thought I'd quickly post about something recently posted on Timouse's Blog that I was slightly involved in.  Also, I will use the word "post" a lot in this post.

The Project is called MEGABOLT In short:

“Founded in 2009, Megabolt is an independent organization that specializes in art projects and workshops for kids. We create one of a kind projects that are designed to let kids be kids and enjoy their lives through art.

I think what happens is, or what happened with Titmouse is: Someone buys a bunch of these little sketchbooks.  Then each sketchbook was handed to an artist here who did a drawing on the 1st page of the book to inspire a youngin' (or "youngling" for you prequel-ites) to fill the sketchbook with their own drawings.  "Very cool" I thought.  Then I thought "Agh, I gotta get this drawing done, they're collecting the books today." You can see a bunch of the drawings Titmousers did at


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  1. Firstly, using "Guys" would indicate this post is for multiple people who are named Guy. You're speaking to the Guys (proper name) of the world. Otherwise yeah, it'd be guys lower case g. And then you'd be being sexist towards the women animators out there and you'll get lots of hate mail. Oh the complexity of it all! :)

    This is a pretty slick project, I have to say! Man, I would have been so much better off today if I had a sketchbook like that, with something awesome to aspire to. I picked dumb role models in my youth instead, who weren't very good artists. Now I'm playing catch up! Ah well, life goes on.

    You really think a guy with a cigarette is the best influence for some underage kid, though? ;)