Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aaahh, Pencil & Paper

I've had the chance to sketch in my sketchbook lately.  Coincidently Freelance illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt has started a daily sketch book blog with submissions from other artists.  So I thought I'd jump on the band wagon.  It feels really good to use paper and pencil again.  The Cintiq is great but there is something natural and visceral about feeling the materials in your hands.

About Sketchbook Month
Freelance illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt decided he needed to get back into the habit of keeping a daily sketchbook. So he declared March 2011 to be “Sketchbook Month” and committed to posting a new sketch on his blog every weekday for the entire month.
Interest quickly spread with a lot of very talented people also wanting to take on the challenge. So that there blog is the place where sketches from all contributors will be collected.

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