Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Film Geekdom Plugs!

Another plug for the last couple of webisodes of my friend Chris Mich's show DIGGING STAR WARS - http://diggingstarwars.blogspot.com/.  In the last two webisodes he compares The Star Wars films to Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon and Gone with the Wind And he welcomes his first guest: Independant film producer Phil Congleton.  

Also, another buddy of mine, Composer and Associate Professor of Audio Technology at American University, Paul Oehlers Has started a new show over at American University with his co-host Greg Smith, called GREATEST SCENE EVERhttp://www.american.edu/soc/film/greatest-scene-ever.cfm

A show where Each program will have a central theme, ie: Westerns, Comedy, Action/Adventure, notable directors, etc. After an introduction that establishes that day’s theme, we throw out the first choice and play a clip from it. After the clip ends, we explain why it’s one of the greatest scenes ever (within that genre). And so on throughout the show.
In addition to having fun watching great film clips, our secret mission is to provide a conversation that’s enlightening and educating by providing the academic context in which films are made and seen by audiences.
Paul Oehlers(front), Chris Mich (middle) and Me (background)
Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out Brad Bird receiving the Winsor McCay Award at ASIFA-Hollywood's Annie Awards - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQX0DF6A19I 
And watch until the end.

Drawings to come soon, I need to scan stuff from my sketch book, and I'm almost done with a line up of character designs.

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